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There's a bug that pops up every now and then (something to do with caching) which leads Deletious to temporarily show zero bookmarks for your account. I'll fix the bug when I get time, but waiting a few hours seems to clear the cache (at least, it works for my account) and then you can access your bookmarks again.

About Deletious

I made deletious because I was fed up of getting irrelevant pages when I searched through my bookmarks. Yes, they were useful at some time in the past, but difficult to remember url for obscure websites and articles can eventually turn into easily remembered facts you use every day... in which case the bookmark is just cluttering up your delicious account.

Delicious don't really offer any garbage collection utilities so I thought I'd build my own. It's a long way from perfect, but it's help me declutter my account a bit. It's also led me to rediscover a few forgotten gems from the past. I've got a few improvements in the pipeline too so hopefully it'll become even more useful.

Please leave any suggestions, feature requests, bugs etc as a comment on my blog.